SAP GRC Process Control Training


  1. Enhances understanding of compliance processes, improving efficiency in organizational governance tasks.
  2. Provides knowledge on automating risk management, reducing manual error and inconsistency.
  3. Offers skills for configuring SAP GRC, aiding in its effective implementation.
  4. Facilitates learning of risk analysis, helping in proactive risk identification and mitigation.
  5. Equips professionals with expertise to streamline audit tasks, ensuring timely compliance.
  6. Enables mastering report generation tools, aiding in insightful and informed business decision-making.


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What you Learn in SAP GRC PC

Course Features

Why Learn SAP GRC PC

SAP GRC PC training is crucial for mastering risk identification and ensuring adherence to compliance standards, which is fundamental in today’s dynamic business environment. The skills acquired from the training not only streamline audit processes but also support informed and insightful business decision-making, promoting operational efficiency and effectiveness in various organizational governance roles.

Learning SAP GRC PC empowers individuals to efficiently identify and mitigate risks, enhancing organizational risk management strategies.

Acquiring knowledge in SAP GRC PC ensures adherence to compliance standards, significantly reducing the likelihood of legal penalties.

Understanding SAP GRC PC contributes to improved corporate governance by establishing robust checks and balances within the organization

SAP GRC PC training aids in making informed business decisions by providing valuable insights derived from risk and compliance data

Proficiency in SAP GRC PC opens up various career opportunities in risk management, compliance, and governance-related roles.

SAP GRC PC Syllabus

Introduction to SAP GRC PC

Overview of SAP Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Process Control functionalities.

Risk Management Fundamentals

Understanding the basics of risk management and how it integrates with SAP GRC PC.

Compliance Framework Setup

Learning to establish and configure a compliance framework within the SAP GRC environment.

Control Automation and Testing

Acquiring skills for automating controls and conducting control tests efficiently.

Survey Creation and Deployment

Mastering the creation and deployment of surveys for compliance assessments and attestations.

Workflow Configuration

Gaining knowledge on setting up and customizing workflows for automated risk and compliance management processes.

Reports and Dashboards

Learning to generate and interpret SAP GRC PC reports and dashboards for insightful decision-making.

User Access and Authorization

Understanding the principles of user access and authorization within SAP GRC PC.

System Monitoring and Improvement:

Acquiring techniques for continuous monitoring and improvement of the GRC system.

Case Studies and Best Practices

Exploring real-life examples and best practices in SAP GRC PC implementation and management.

Who Can Learn

SAP GRC PC Industry Movements

Many organizations are integrating SAP GRC PC with cloud services to enhance accessibility and scalability, allowing for more flexible and efficient governance, risk, and compliance management

The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in SAP GRC PC is growing. These technologies help in automating risk detection and compliance monitoring, making the processes more intelligent and responsive.

With the constant changes in global compliance regulations, SAP GRC PC continuously updates its features to help organizations stay compliant with the latest legal requirements and standards.

There is a noticeable movement towards improving the user interface and experience of SAP GRC PC, making it more user-friendly and intuitive for professionals at all levels.

SAP GRC PC Career Advancements

SAP GRC Consultant

As a consultant, you'll advise organizations on deploying and optimizing SAP GRC solutions, ensuring efficient risk and compliance management

Compliance Analyst

Compliance analysts with SAP GRC knowledge can efficiently monitor, analyze, and enforce compliance rules and policies within an organization.

Risk Management Specialist

Specialists in risk management utilize SAP GRC tools to identify, assess, and mitigate risks, safeguarding the organization from potential threats.

Internal Auditor

Internal auditors with SAP GRC expertise can streamline and enhance the audit process, ensuring that the organization adheres to required compliance standards

SAP Security Analyst

Security analysts specializing in SAP GRC focus on securing SAP environments, protecting sensitive data, and maintaining the integrity of SAP systems.

Governance Specialist

Professionals in this role leverage SAP GRC tools to establish and enforce governance frameworks, ensuring that the organization operates ethically and transparently.

SAP GRC PC Projects

Control Automation Project

Participants will work on automating various controls within the SAP GRC PC environment. This project aims to reduce manual interventions, thereby increasing the efficiency and accuracy of control monitoring and enforcement

Risk Analysis Simulation

Trainees will engage in a simulated risk analysis exercise using SAP GRC PC. This project helps participants understand how to identify, assess, and mitigate risks effectively, providing hands-on experience in risk management processes.

Compliance Framework Setup

This project involves setting up a compliance framework within SAP GRC PC. Participants will learn how to configure and customize the framework to meet specific organizational compliance requirements and standards.

Audit Workflow Configuration

Trainees will configure and customize audit workflows in SAP GRC PC. This project provides practical knowledge on how to streamline audit processes, making them more efficient and user-friendly for auditors and other stakeholders.

Training Modes

Self - Paced Videos

  1. Receive 45 hours of in-depth SAP GRC PC Training videos.
  2. Content is carefully curated and presented by industry professionals.
  3. Our classes are entirely practical-oriented for hands-on experience.
  4. Access to extensive resources and materials is included.
  5. Curriculum is up-to-date, covering the latest version of SAP IBP.
  6. Enjoy lifetime access to our Learning Management System (LMS).
  7. Learn and progress at a pace comfortable for you.
  8. Benefit from round-the-clock learner assistance and support.
  9. Guidance for obtaining certification is provided.
  10. Our community offers post-sales support for all learners.

Live Online Training

  1. Engage in Self-Paced Learning modules.
  2. Witness live demonstrations of skills ready for industry application.
  3. Schedule sessions at timings convenient for you.
  4. Participate in Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) classes.
  5. Work on real-time projects to apply learned concepts.
  6. Receive guidance for certification preparation and success.
  7. Access to interactive and engaging learning materials.
  8. Benefit from continuous support and feedback from instructors

For Corporates

  1. Customized curriculum for your team’s needs.
  2. Self-paced, live, or on-premise training.
  3. Resources include slides, demos, exercises, keys.
  4. Guidance provided for certification acquisition.
  5. Practical demonstrations on industry cases.
  6. Discussions focused on real-world applications.
  7. Comprehensive support throughout the learning process.

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